BehaviourLab is a joint venture between Pure CSR Consulting and GreeNudge, and the following people from each company are involved in supporting clients. In addition, external resources may be used to provide additional support as needed (see Partners below). 

Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg
Senior Advisor

Stine has worked in the field of strategy and communication for the last two decades, specializing in sustainability strategy over the last 10 years. Stine has experience of working across a broad range of sectors at a strategic level, and is Norway´s only certified Creating Shared Value affiliate. Stine is the Co-Chair of UN Project Safe Planet, and has a wide range of experience at Board level, from Snøhetta to SOS Save the Children. In addition to her work at BehaviourLab, Stine is owner and Managing Director of Pure CSR Consulting.

Samira Lekhal
Senior Advisor

Samira is an advisor at BehaviourLab and a specialist in health behaviour. Samira has studied medicine and psychology, with a doctorate in the prevention of obesity and lifestyle-related disease. In addition to her work at BehaviourLab, Samira is owner and Board Chairperson at GreeNudge, and Senior Attending Physician at the Morbid Obesity Center, Vestfold Hospital Trust, Health Region South East, where she leads the children´s unit. Samira is an active advocate for good health and nutrition, and has been involved in a number of nudging projects in collaboration with some of Norway´s largest food producers and retailers.

Helena Slapø
Senior Advisor

Helena is a behavourial scientist and is currently working on her doctorate at OsloMet. Her PhD project is on the use of nudging towards healthier and more environmentally-friendly food choices, in collaboration with food retailers in Norway. In addition to her work at BehaviourLab, Helena is Managing Director of GreeNudge, where her main focus is on health and sustainability in the food sector in Norway. Helena holds regular lectures and training courses in behavioural economics, nudging and the environmental impacts of consumerism.

Marcus Borley
Senior Advisor

Marcus has dedicated most of is working life to helping others learn and develop, particularly in organisational settings. He is a qualified teacher, trainer, and NLP coach. Marcus has a Master´s in Management, where he studied organisational behaviour, and is a  psychotherapist, with a keen interest in human behaviour and cognition. He is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance in the UK. Marcus has worked in the field of sustainability for 10 years, supporting companies and public bodies in realising their sustainability potential. Marcus is a senior sustainability advisor at Pure CSR Consulting.

Linda Mathisen
Project Coordinator

Linda Mathisen is an administrative genius and BehaviourLab´s project administrator. If you´re registering on a course, receiving our latest newsletter or receiving a prompt reply to an enquiry, there is a 90% chance that Linda is involved. Linda is a qualified project manager, and also works as Project and Research Coordinator at the Morbid Obesity Center, Vestfold Hospital Trust, Health Region South East, and at GreeNudge.




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