Intro to Behavioural Science for Sustainable Development


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Project Management


BehaviourLab is an evidence-based approach to driving sustainable behaviour. Our project methodology is benchmarked against leading approaches to applying behavioural science to large-scale interventions, such as nudging. Our project methodology is described below: 



Define sustainability challenge and align behavioural objectives with UN sustainable development goals.


Analyse decision-making stages and identify barriers to sustainable behaviour choices.
Define hypothesis for testing.


Design prototype intervention based on hypothesis.
Test prototype and refine intervention as necessary.


Test intervention and monitor progress using relevant performance indicators. Evaluate impact and refine prototype where necessary.

Implement intervention at scale to achieve impact across value chain and drive behavioural change towards sustainable development.

Contact us to see how we can support you in harnessing behavioural insights to drive change towards sustainable development in your value chain. 

Advisory Services


Are you interested in learning more about how to leverage behavioural insights into your sustainability program? We offer a range of solutions to fit your needs, project size and budget. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Training & Development


We offer training courses for businesses, public bodies and NGOs. Please see our events page to view dates and book your place on upcoming courses. For more information about courses and events,  please contact us at: 

Business Masterclass

This two-day intensive training program is aimed for those who have some understanding of behavioural science and want to learn more about how to apply this in your own sustainability initiatives to optimise behavioural outcomes and increase positive impact on social and environmental outcomes.

Cost: 7900 NOK per person 

In-house Workshop

This half-day workshop offers a highly practical approach, with a focus on project-based learning. Workshop materials are tailored to your project (or project idea) during the planning phase to help you apply an evidence-based approach to optimising project outcomes and thus increase positive impact on your project´s sustainability indicators. 


Contact us to discuss your needs 

Behavioural Science for Sustainable Development

This one-day training course is open to all, and provides participants with a good understanding of how behavioural science can be adopted to support business, organisations, public bodies and policy makers in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Cost: 3700 NOK per person 

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